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5 Fresh Ideas for Welcoming Spring

5 Fresh Ideas for Welcoming Spring

I'm not sure if there is a sweeter feeling than those first hopeful days of Spring with tulips and daffodils pushing up to sun-warmed breezes.   It is a such a favorite feeling that I want to capture it and infuse into our homes!  So with that goal, I've collected 5 simple ideas to help foster the feeling of Spring:

1.   Let there be light.

Open the blinds.  Clean the windows or even simply clean one window.  Letting more natural light into our homes feels like adding space and air!  Natural light infuses our homes with a healthy glow, working wonders on feeling and mood.  We all know the benefits, but it's easy to overlook the simplicity of opening a window or raising the shade.  In addition to making our homes feel fresher, the amount of natural sunlight we experience during the day has a direct impact on how well we sleep at night.  Direct sunlight, especially early in the morning produces an exceptional benefit for a good night’s sleep later on.  So embrace Spring and let in the light!


2.  Bring on the blooms.

Add the lovely color of light - in the form of beautiful fresh sunny yellow flowers.  If you have them from your garden, great!  If not, simply bring the garden in by picking up a small bunch at your local market.   We've got beautiful vases of all sizes to contain your stems with organic simplicity.

Including fresh flowers in our homes offers many benefits to our well being including boosting our mood, increasing a sense of happiness and decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety.  Research also suggests that the well being we feel at the sight of flowers may be connected to an evolutionary trait where flowers signaled to our ancestors if an area was fertile or food could be easily found or grown.   So bring on the flowers!  And if you're ready to elevate your flower game to a whole new level, check out Farmgirl Flowers- I can't stop looking at their Instagram feed!


3.  Diffuse essential oils. 

I admit to being an essential oil addict.  I cannot lie.  My dependence took hold during a scented candle recovery.   Having a supportive fresh lovely scent in our homes offers a subtle but powerful impact.  And I love diffusers because they turn off on their own when the water runs out.  A favorite spring blend I am currently using includes equal drops of peppermint, lemon, grapefruit, gardenia, and tea tree.  This combination is absolutely lovely!  If you do not have a diffuser, an alternative is making a spray bottle of your favorite uplifting oil and spritz it around your home.   And if you're in the market for a diffuser, I've got a diffuser crush on this one.  (I am not an affiliate link - just think its an especially pretty one)



4.  Use 
natural textiles. 

A subtle way to bring nature into your home is to include plant-based fibers:  cotton, linen, flax, jute, and wool.  Natural fibers add a timeless elegance and breathability to any space!  Consider laying down a jute rug, or refreshing your table runners with linen.   I am a big fan of Rough Linen!  Over the years, I've collected several of their tablecloths, aprons, and even their bedding (this year!)  The quality is second to none (I am not an affiliate link - just speaking from my heart) - their linens are simply amazing!




5.  Release that which no longer serves.   
This can mean anything from letting go 
a grudge to releasing those shoes in the back of your closet that never felt comfortable enough to wear.  I am as guilty as anyone in holding on "just in case" only to discover as time goes by I never did need the thing I clung to or tucked away in a closet.  We are ultimately freer for having let go.   Consider releasing what you no longer need as an ultimate embrace of the freshness of this new season, Spring!